We’re Closed.


Alive Cafe Creative Experience Hub™ has closed its doors after a 20 month run which resulted in and hosted 220 separate events, workshops, theme days, live music gigs and exhibitions. Talks, Doccies and Community Inititaive support also featured very strongly.

Although Alive Cafe Creative Experience Hub™ did not manage to be sustainable given that we tried everything we could think of, we did manage to support collaboration, galvanise relationships and boost the Muizenberg Creative corridor.

Alive Cafe Creative Experience Hub™ was an artistic studio, theatre and live music venue with a coffee shop and eatery that supported the creative space and initiatives.

Simply put, we were here to inspire creativity. Our aim was to open a door for each person’s creativity by offering the experience of participating in a broad range of creative opportunities.

Our vision was to offer an inviting, nurturing and dynamic space that inspires creativity.

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